Your success is a function of information and action.  With your membership to Black Crypto Millionaires (BCM), you'll enjoy access to critical actionable information enabling those with access to enjoy tremendous profits.  With over 1,300 coins and technologies in the cryptocurrency space, you can't afford to go it alone. 

Being profitable and operating "In The Black" is our goal.  We believe having access to dependable information makes all the difference.  Don't guess.  Make educated decisions with your money.


Meet our team. We have been researching the cryptocurrency space along with other financial products for years.  Knowing the benefits of integrating financial analysis tools, prediction signaling programs and other tactics has given us the edge.  Being members of a private investment group affords us access to game-changing information.  The purpose of this forum is to make the top-level information available to our members at a fraction of the price.  This is our way of serving our community.


The total market value of cryptocurrency has increased from $18 billion at the start of the year to over $300 billion today. Though it's like the tech boom of 1994, less than 1% of the world owns Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency.

Investment in cryptocurrencies is no longer a right reserved by esoteric tech gurus and developers. Many companies and investors in diverse markets are starting to enjoy the rewards from investing in cryptocurrency. The early adopters are reaping high returns.  The mainstream is starting to take note.


There are some basic principles that hold, be it in the cryptocurrency space or not, when it comes to investing.  Our strategy envelops those principles and here are a few that we follow:

  • Identify your "Why"

  • Set Long-Term Goals. 

  • Understand Your Risk Tolerance. ...

  • Control Your Emotions. ...

  • Handle Basics First. ...

  • Diversify Your Investments & Be Open-minded

  • Avoid Leverage

  • Pick a Strategy and Stick With It

Just Imagine . . . 
What Is Your Why?