Black Crypto Millionaires Group

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Membership Agreement



Purpose - The purpose of the Group is to provide information about various assets primarily in the cryptocurrency space and then secondly in other areas of financial investments including stocks, bonds, notes, and other securities (collectively herein referred to as “securities”) for the education and benefit of the Members.




The Group is privately owned and operated by the Owner Members or their designees.  There will be no investment of member funds.  The group is purely for informational purposes.  IT IS NOT AN INVESTMENT GROUP.




Group Membership - Our membership model is simple.  Pay your 1-time fee of $50.  This gives you access to the member's network and special offers.  You'll also receive your first cryptocurrency "hot picks". Membership requires a monthly fee of $15.00.  This gives you access to the Black Crypto Millionaires (BCM) monthly report.  Additionally, members will receive offers pertaining to financial markets and investment information as well as exclusive and unnamed benefits offered through our network such as credit repair, real estate entrepreneurial opportunities, life insurance information, etc. Once you make your monthly payment, you will receive the BCM report within 3 business days.


Changes In Membership - A Member can withdraw from the Group at any time by sending written notice to


Transfer of Membership - A Member may not transfer, sell, assign, offer as collateral, or pledge his/her ownership in the Group without prior written approval from the group administrator. 





Regular Meetings - Regular meetings of the Group shall be held periodically at a time and place to be determined by the Group.



Management - Each Member shall participate in the management and conduct of the affairs of the Group.  Except as otherwise provided herein, all investment decisions shall be made by the Board of Advisors.  .




Forbidden Acts – No Member Shall: 


Have the right or authority to bind or obligate the Group to any extent whatsoever with regard to any other matter outside the scope of the Group business. 


Use the Group name, credit, or property for other than Group/Membership purposes. 


Do any act detrimental to the interest of the Group or which would make it impossible to carry on the business or affairs of the Group. 


Removal of a Member - Any Member may be removed by agreement of the group administrators.  Written notice of a meeting where removal of a Member is to be considered shall include a specific reference to this matter.  The removal shall become effective immediately in this case.


Each Member hereby acknowledges that he/she has utilized, or has had the opportunity to utilize, the services of other professional advisors including legal counsel, concerning the execution of this MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT. Further, irrespective of whether such advice is deemed unnecessary, actually sought, utilized or ignored, Member hereby warrants that Member is of sufficient business acumen to execute this MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT and make it binding.


Member understands, recognizes, and agrees that there are certain risks, dangers, and perils inherent in the operation of an investment group and by joining this Group, Member agrees to assume these risks being under no compulsion or duress.

Pay your 1-time $50.00 Membership Signup Fee by sending funds via CashApp to $BlkCryptoMilli or via BTC to:




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