David T. Shannon, Jr.

Seasoned business executive working for over 30 years in the technology commercialization, small business development and systems management industries, fulfilling various roles on projects with a worldwide scope. Known for strategic and focused approach, innovative business strategies that increase efficiency and optimize internal operations & financial returns. From the beginning of career, has performed in a task oriented 

environment with both a team and single point of service concentration. Focus has been on generating a high output enterprise while offering a unique combination of creativity and analytical skills with the ability to assess different vantage points to create cost-effective solutions for internal and external clients.

Alonzo L. Mitchell. Jr.

Alonzo has nearly 26 years experience in financial sevices, consultative sales, and social services, with a primary focus on sharing key wealth and health building principles in traditionally underserved communities. He believes that embracing the newly emerging crypto currency space, diversifying investment mix, and ongoing financial education are keys to reshaping political and social norms for our future generations.