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Bitcoin Next Stop: $50,000.

by Stansberry Churchouse

Here is an excerpt that I thought was interesting from a Stansberry Research Report:

For example, a colleague of mine made $1,000 in just a few days on Bitcoin, without any technical knowledge of how it works, from his laptop in Maryland.

The simple fact is, cryptocurrencies are the most exciting new asset class in the world.

I genuinely believe there’s potentially more money to be made in this sector in the coming months than you could make on any other investment… which is one reason Bitcoin rose more than 50 times higher than stocks in 2017, even during a historic bull market:

But I personally believe the crypto market will continue to grow, and become more than 50 times larger than what it is today.

Along the way, certain cryptos could go up 50, 100, even 1,000 times from their current price or more.

Bottom line: If you own Bitcoin, or plan to buy it soon… please, don’t put another penny into the cryptocurrency market until you’ve finished reading this presentation.

What you’re about to see could have a massive effect on your wealth over the months to come… and based on my own experience, could make you a fortune.

I’d estimate several thousand dollars a week.

Let me give you the full story…

Bigger, faster crypto gains

The way things are going in the cryptocurrency markets, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bitcoin hit $25,000 in the next 6 months.

Some folks predict it’ll ultimately go as high as $100,000.

Billionaire Jeremy Liew even told Business Insider recently that Bitcoin could “realistically reach $500,000”… roughly a 5,000% gain from today’s price.

Wherever the price ends up, one thing’s for certain: Like anything else in the financial markets… it won’t be a smooth ride. There will be a lot of very large bumps along the way.

And that’s true whether you’re talking about Bitcoin… Ethereum… or a tiny crypto like BitShares.

But if you’re willing to try something different, you have a chance to make incredible amounts of money on these bumps and dips in the crypto space right now, using a slightly different approach.

To show you what I mean, consider Monero, for instance.

Monero is a digital currency like Bitcoin.

It’s anonymous and more scalable. Some would even say it’s “superior” to Bitcoin.

That may very well be true.

But frankly, that doesn’t matter to me. The way my technique works, our focus is on making money.

Whether or not Monero changes the world makes no difference to me personally.

In this case, in the spring of 2017, a member of “The Bitcoin 1%” began talking about Monero… and making huge predictions about how high the price was about to go.

So I bought Monero on May 22, 2017 for $37.

By late August… Monero was trading for over $150. A 307% gain in just 3 months – more than quadruple my initial investment.

And that leads me to exactly what I’d like to show you today – a powerful new technique for capturing these quick, fast movements in the crypto markets, with unbelievable consistency…

10,000% gains in 7 days

You see, there are more than 1,000 cryptocurrencies trading out there. And they are all very different.

But these are not your typical investments – not by any means.

It’s a new form of money, but they pay out no interest.

You have to buy them on an “exchange” like stocks… but there’s no P/E ratio or dividend yield.

And for most of them, there’s no way to determine their return on equity or do a “discounted cash flow” analysis to find out what they are worth.

Financially speaking, there’s almost nothing to base an investment on.

That’s why, as you can probably guess, my technique for making money in cryptos right now—potentially thousands of dollars every month—involves trading them.

For most cryptocurrencies, a long-term “buy and hold” strategy doesn’t make sense. It’s too risky.

Sure, I think Bitcoin and a few other cryptos will see terrific gains in the coming months and years, as more and more money floods into the crypto market.

And that’s why I personally own a good amount of Bitcoin. And recommend you own at least a little, too.

But if you know the secret to TRADING cryptos, as I’ll show you in a moment… the gains can be life-changing… multiple times higher than you’d ever make the old-fashioned way.

Just take a look at some of these cryptos – all of which skyrocketed in just one week’s time:

· CageCoin – up 11,417%

· VegasCoin – up 12,339%

· Sprouts – up 15,595%

· NewYorkCoin – up 17,547%

· MikeTheMug – up 17,685%

· AnarchistsPrime – up 18,042%

· ParallelCoin – up 20,968%

· Ernus – up 27,748%

· Ethbits – up 28,861%

· Xenixcoin – up 34,763%

· Dashcoin – up 1,040,346%

A mere $150 invested in any of them could have turned into more than $17,250—after just 7 days.

Dashcoin alone would have made you a millionaire on just a $100 investment… in a single week.

Of course, like all investments, these trades involve risk. The crypto market moves quickly and is way more volatile than your typical investment.

And past performance is not a guarantee of future success.

You have to understand the little-known technique I’ve stumbled across… which shows you exactly when to get in and when to get out in order to pocket these big gains.

Let me show you what I mean…

369% in just 42 days

Take Peerplays, for example.

Peerplays is a new cryptocurrency used in online gaming by people around the world.

If you’ve never heard of it, you’re not alone.

This crypto is still very tiny – roughly 0.0002% the size of Bitcoin. And it was only created several months ago, back in May 2017.

Within a month of when it first appeared, Peerplays traded for around $5.

It attracted a lot of excitement… and thousands of people bought in on the launch… with the hope that it would become “the next Bitcoin” and turn every $500 into $50,000 within a year.

The “normal” approach would have been to simply buy and hold an exciting new crypto like this.

But that would have been the absolute worst move you could make.

I’ll end the excerpt here, but will add that the beauty of J.A.R.V.I.S is that it considers all of the critical factors to give both the long-term picks as well as the short range picks.

Again, never invest what you can’t afford to lose. Just take what you can lose and consider the information you have before taking a position.

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