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If You Like the Security of Owning Gold, You'll Want to Take Note of The KaratBank Coin (KBC) ICO.

I have been a big fan of and participant in buying gold for years. A friend introduced it to me a platform called Karatbars few years ago and to be honest, initially, I just experimented with buying gold through their system. But then, once I started physically receiving my gold, I dove in. Though, the gold is only 1-gram of 999.9 24k gold housed in a credit card size unit, it was really cool to have my own gold. Accruing the 1-gram cards is fun!

I found it pretty simple to wrap my head around it and since it was free to get an account, I took the plunge. Over the years, it's easy to accrue a decent amount of gold. (You can also get a free Karatbars gold buying account here if interested.)

This blog is all about crypto currency news and Karatbars didn't disappoint! They are launching a unique ICO worth exploring. With already having a community of over 480,000 customers worldwide, the expectation is that this will be a successful ICO and here are two reasons why. First, Karabank Coin is the only coin that is linked to physically deposited gold to date (3/14/18). Each coin represents a certain amount of gold which can be traded in at any time. Secondly, KaratBank Coin is a blockchain-based crypto coin that’s linked physically to the deposited gold; once the coin is linked to a specific weight of gold, it’s called CashGold. A specific number of KaratBank Coins can be exchanged for CashGold at any given time. In simple words, these crypto coins will be used as an electronic payment for everyone who knows that gold is a true, secure, traditional, value-stable medium.

A comprehensive article was written outlining their position in detail. It's definitely worth your time. Go here to read it.

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