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Is The Bitcoin Correction Good or Bad for Investors?

by David Shannon

It's true that many educated and uneducated investors are reeling over the recent drop of Bitcoin 25% dumping $500 Billion in market value. Almost everyone in this space has a first reaction of panic. However, those veterans in this space understand that corrections will occur. And the savvy investors know exactly what to do at a time like this. . . buy the dip!

Though crypto’s "nouveau riche" lament the sudden losses, the rest of us remember that Bitcoin was at this level in January and we were excited. Now, watching the analytics, we project that the coin will soar over $70K. So this is another opportunity to increase our earnings!

Bottom line, don't freak out, freakin' buy more! You're in the game to get rich! They threw an INT to you on their own 20 yard-line. You have the ball. Run like hell and score!

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