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"Mary-Jane Stole My Heart"

By Black Business School

Currently, over 60% of American support the full-scale legalization of marijuana for adults.  And the laws are changing to reflect that. At the moment, 30 US states have laws legalizing marijuana medically or recreationally, while most US states have allowed the non-psychoactive (CBD) portion of cannabis. The train isn’t stopping here. . . . .In fact, this is just the beginning!

States who have a leaf in the middle are voting to further their laws regarding cannabis. Here are the respective topics they are voting on: - New Jersey: Recreational - Michigan: Recreational - Delaware: Recreational - Rhode Island: Recreational - Connecticut: Recreational - Ohio: Recreational - Oklahoma: Medical - Kentucky: Medical - South Dakota: Medical - Utah: Medical - Missouri: Medical Now you might be wondering where the 12th state is…

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