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The Black-Door Investment Plan to Legally Profit off of Patent #6630507 and The Green Rush

BY Dr. Boyce Watkins

This January, Vermont was so eager… Rather than wait for a citizen driven vote in November, lawmakers decided to legalize recreational marijuana. We are in the midst of a full-blown Green Rush revolution here in America. And the potential addition of 11 states could skyrocket this industry even further. Could you imagine what would happen if all 11 states adjust their marijuana laws this year? It’s like these cannabis stocks are sitting on a launch pad…Ready for takeoff. Not surprisingly… Corporate America is already pouncing on the opportunity. Constellation Brands, the $42 billion dollar company behind Corona, Modelo and Svedka recently took a 10% stake in Canadian medical marijuana company, Canopy Growth Corp.

Canopy Growth Corp has grown 10x in market cap the past 2 years, along with exponential growth in their sales.

But they aren’t the only marijuana company growing this rapidly…And it’s only a matter of time before more big corporations get involved.

For example, while Big Tobacco has declining sales…

The cannabis industry is probably looking very appealing.

Companies like Philip Morris and Altria could leverage their expertise in the smoking industry to dominate legalized marijuana.

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